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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

virginity lost

funny thing virginity, i remember at school the shame of being a virgin, the stigma the labeling,, your a virgin,, and the point blank denial, and then elaborate tales of daring deeds, but alas now i have children and a girl i look back to my own loss of virginity and shudder at the scarey place the world can be for a teenage girl in dire need to attain the ultimate coolness of being shagged status.  anyhow not sure why im talking about this on wed morning, instead of shaking a leg to get on with the day, but if your out there in blog virgin territory post a thought on losing your virginity, see what horrors we can reveal !!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Gill... I cringe at the thought of my little girl losing her virginity... she's not even three yet... maybe she can become a nun and I'll sleep better at night! Congrats on the blog... I have no idea how to blog or if I'd even have anything interesting to blog... but will definately follow yours... I can hear your little scottish voice as I read. Hope to catch up at BSC Perth soon.