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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

feeling hot hot hot,, feeling hot hot hot

another day in paradise,, yeah right ,,today the heat was unbearable,   now for all you frozen little jiblets in Scotland who, truly believe you have it tough, well i sympathise i did my fair shade of weather complaing when i lived there too... let me tell you,, the heat never ending heat how does it affect the day,, well by 10am its too hot to be out in the sun,, so if you venture out its so hot you scurry from ac car to ac building,,a park that doesn't have shade sails or shady trees is off limits, kids will be fried, even with factor 30 on they will get burned, hats are obligatory and sunglasses all the time,, so off we retreat to our shady icy box, air con on from 12 noon set at 24,, still hot!!! all the curtains are drawn the house is dark and cool,, but hey were enclosed indoors the kids have cabin fever,,outdoors eventually  to reappear At 4pm where its still so hot but we have shade in garden but then so in order for kids to play its nude and sprinklers on,thats nice,,, mossies are out in force by then by then   and outside eating is nice but the heat brings out the flies,, am i painting a picture of it ,, not quite like the relocation programmes on tv !!! yes sorry if it seems dismal but i do think we all have a glorified idea of living in the sun,, its also dark by 7 here so canny even go for a run in evening when its cooler,, we dream of a day when sun is below 30 that's a dream day,, ooh and some cloud,, chance of  a shower wonderful,,  i soldier on , complaining as i go  but we all feel the heat,, cat lies panting on the porch too hot too move,, oh and as if that wasn't a bad enough you rarely want to put oven on as it heats up the house,, there is a limit to how many bbqs you can stand,, me id like 10 inches of snow and a roast beef in the oven,, ps my job as the  head of Australian tourism advertising is up for appraisal soon any applicant fancy it,,  OK my big moan of the day is over,, off for a gin and tonic,, purely medicinal

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  1. no more moaning from us Gill....Scottish weather aint so bad. A really good day is bearable, snow doesnt last for long and as for rain......well we really dont have a lot to moan about, as Im sure some of your fellow aussies will testify at the moment. Hope everyone can recover from these awful floods. As for you, keep plenty of ice in that G&T