Monday, July 23, 2012

Creativity Unmasked: The Importance of Being an Individual

Creativity Unmasked: The Importance of Being an Individual

Sunday, June 10, 2012

jewellery design to making step by step process

I have decided its time to grow up and produce a more serious blog, so I thought id blog on my work as I do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on it. my magnus opus is to do some projects and show the design process through to the manufacturing process, and illustrate it with photos to show the transition, I may also do this with some paintings too, a bit ambitious but I think a worthy idea.

Ipad app for blogs

Apologies for random rant with poor spelling, I attribute that to children having my iPad and publishing blog before I had chance to edit. Any suggestions on best app foR blogging on iPad .

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

website design and help

well time has come to do a website .. i have been making jewellery for a year almost and the time had come to get my ass ingear and start selling, as my money is no bottomless pit,
so i thought id get a quote as one does,, $1000 thereabouts,, ouch thats on top of everything else i spent, tools metal stones etc etc etc,, so i hummed and hawed and hummed,,,,,
so my pal karen aka State of the Art
your one-stop art shop
Ph: 9291 5790 9am-5pm Monday-Friday
PO Box 227, Kalamunda, WA 6076  sorry plug for karen,, but thats how you do all this on line malarky its getting your name everywhere by hook or by crook
so she did her own,, so me thinks karen did it by jove ill do it
webbuilding sites,, well there are plenty she used my friend and webdesigner guy told me try wix. they have a more crwative interface,, whatever that means,, so thats where i went

things not to do publish befor your ready
consider your name
choose colour scheme stick to it
one font one size
dont get too funky with it
 find a pro to help
i traded a necklace for his wife for xmas for a few hours help, but 99% i did my self
its reeasonably easy and cheap, ive pspent 120 dollars for the year
so i did it
hard bits,, well photos, they are difficult and time consuming,, the listings are easy enough
blurb,, well i aint scared to chat so ok,, but get this no spell check aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

Friday, June 17, 2011

western long necked turtle

we found a poor wee turtle on our drive today stuck in the fence it was so lovely and strange

so we did what all god/animal fearing women do,, call a man to help,, no i dont really mean that but i didnt know if it had teeth stupid, of course they dont ,, anyhow as it happens its quite rare to see on let alone have a good 10 min nosey at it befor the ranger ,, called mike came to save it,, he also was very taken by this shy wee creature anyhow it made my day

Narrow-breasted snake-necked turtle
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Species:C. M. colliei
Binomial name
Chelodina Macrodiremys colliei
Gray, 1841

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

poison chalice... throb throb throb

well poison finger.. and an hour and a half later im home antibionics in my handbag and a confirmed case of ingrown toenail,, except the finger variety,, what's the chances of that,, very bizarre,, i have a tom and jerry style throbbing finger,, like the one tom has after having an anvil dropped on it,, aaargh,, anyhow im fairly sure some trashy tv a glass of fizzy rose and a cuddle from hubby and pray the antibionics kicks in its been medical investigation month for me i feel so prodded and poked and robbed of SO much blood ,, anyhow im sure ill be fine when they eventually tell me the results of all my tests confirm what ive always known,, im a princess born of royal blood cruelly stolen at birth and raised by my poor peasant parents,,,
and now for some excitement im about to cough up the whopping huge fee to have my own website to sell my paintings and jewellery so get saving i will have little morsels for you to buy,, well i live in hope but ill keeep you posted..
sewing lots just now and have made lots of wee outfits for me and lul ,, i have recently just licked the front fly so heres looking forward to a plethora of pants,, ah im calling them pant trousers trousers trousers