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Thursday, April 28, 2011

birthday cake

hamishs 4th birthday cake

neglect,,,,,,,,, the harsh facts

sorry blogworld,, well i imagine in my blog world thats not a whole lot of people,, still, i think im entirely to blame as ive been blog-allergic last few months,, so here we are on the eve of the royal wedding,, now that leaves us all in a sor t of quandary.. what do we think of it all,  well asa ex pat.. im a bit like quentin crisp ann Englishman in new York,, i feel super British,, 1st Scottish then British,, but by not living in the uk i feel a weird sor t of patriotism about the whole she bang,, and ive never been a royalist,, but something about being dispossessed that makes you hanker for all things British,, tescos fish and chips, rain,, god all of it im so besotted with all things non Australia,, so will and kate ive missed all the hype all the goss,, i dont read newspapers or magazines, iui choose ind=stead to live in a bubble of self enforced exile, me and the kids and darran,, but times like these make you realise how far far away you are,, and the cheek of Australian tv,, which is crap second to Spain which is even more crap, the tv that is,,, they are changing channels mid wedding for,,, Australian rules bloody football,, sums it all up,, so keep us posted ill blog more i promise

but the point of this, is,, doesn't it seem a heart beat ago that Diana and luggs were getting married she had blue eye-liner on and the crushy silk Emmanuel dress on,, i loved all that the worlds was a different place then,, my oh my  how we've all changed,,so enjoy the whole bollocks of it all ,, hope the frock is bonny !