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Sunday, January 16, 2011

circle of trust,, are you in ...or

well today was an interesting day of sorts lead me to ponder many things,, for example tonight's dinner was,, lemon prawns pan fried cod gnocchi in sage butter and a caprese salad, deli sh,, or not lids reacted as if i had fed them dog vomit,, perhaps i should try that a few days then go back to normal service although, i DO have reservations about serving dog vomit, as far a s i know last time our dog vomited it was after eating potty full of poo from Hamish which several hours later Rupert the dog vomited up on our flash shag pile rug,,no WE do not still have the rug,,, on other thoughts i love to op shop, for you in the resat of the known universe i mean charity shop, i do love to trawl though dead peoples shit to see what juicy bargains and random items i can find,, every item tells a story its just for us to ponder why,, for example,, i bought darran a suit in an op shop ,, an Armani suit no less very new completely perfect and very current ,, so why was it in an op shop.. here are my theories,,,
no. 1  he died tragicaly  from brain tumour wife couldn't bear his things around, specially when he wore the suit to their engagement dinner
no.2 she caught him with some floosy or strumpet from the office,, he didn't know she knew but secretly she would dispose of very expensive items of his one by one just to mess with his head
no.3 eat too many pies and is now like an orca,, the suit a sad reminder of his former glory

hey its all speculation but who knows i love to ponder... now and then,, speculation the life bloody of the nosey bastard,, ta ta for now keep following the Mercedes will be raffled as soon as i can find out how to hot wire it,!!!

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  1. So it is true... I can win a car here - but its not the only reason I came back to take a peek.... I do recall other valuable items that will be given away via your blog.. you know where to send them!