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Thursday, January 6, 2011

roland rat.eeeeeeeeeh rat fans

i downloaded Roland rat for kids last night wondered if they would find it funny like i used to,, 1985 it was on, I'm watching it now and i have to say the dialogue is quite grown up, the other bizarre one i got for them is chuckle vision ,, as in "to me .. to you",, Hamish will often say that when he carries anything ,, again i remember thinking the chuckle brothers were funny , but on the cool light of a Fri morning its leaving me decidedly un amused,,,,,update its been rejected, i fell like IVE been was boring though maybe in the eighties we were quite deprived of good telly,, something that occurs  in Australia the only decent telly is abc which has bbc reruns of things,, we have tevo so we only watch selected programmes brilliant except i never see news or anything pertinent to the small universe that is Perth

Xmas spider
darran always goes on about a Xmas spider from his youth a colourful spider that only appears at Xmas.. well i thought he was winding me up. as I'm of a very dim view of the spider situation over here,,however yesterday i found a mythical spider her is the photo to prove it.. its very small and harmless


  1. Ah Gill.....have to disagree with you. We have a reality show on here called road trip. Recently it was a celebrity one and the chuckle brothers were on it....they were really quite funny and did all the 'from me to you...'
    Wow that is this the australian version of the North star?????...which evry year when I was young could only settle down on Xmas day after Id seen it

  2. If you think the Christmas spider is cool, wait until you see the Australia Day Caterpillar, the Easter Moth and the 23rd of August Flying Slater. Very rare, that last one.