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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

website design and help

well time has come to do a website .. i have been making jewellery for a year almost and the time had come to get my ass ingear and start selling, as my money is no bottomless pit,
so i thought id get a quote as one does,, $1000 thereabouts,, ouch thats on top of everything else i spent, tools metal stones etc etc etc,, so i hummed and hawed and hummed,,,,,
so my pal karen aka State of the Art
your one-stop art shop
Ph: 9291 5790 9am-5pm Monday-Friday
PO Box 227, Kalamunda, WA 6076  sorry plug for karen,, but thats how you do all this on line malarky its getting your name everywhere by hook or by crook
so she did her own,, so me thinks karen did it by jove ill do it
webbuilding sites,, well there are plenty she used my friend and webdesigner guy told me try wix. they have a more crwative interface,, whatever that means,, so thats where i went

things not to do publish befor your ready
consider your name
choose colour scheme stick to it
one font one size
dont get too funky with it
 find a pro to help
i traded a necklace for his wife for xmas for a few hours help, but 99% i did my self
its reeasonably easy and cheap, ive pspent 120 dollars for the year
so i did it
hard bits,, well photos, they are difficult and time consuming,, the listings are easy enough
blurb,, well i aint scared to chat so ok,, but get this no spell check aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

Friday, June 17, 2011

western long necked turtle

we found a poor wee turtle on our drive today stuck in the fence it was so lovely and strange

so we did what all god/animal fearing women do,, call a man to help,, no i dont really mean that but i didnt know if it had teeth stupid, of course they dont ,, anyhow as it happens its quite rare to see on let alone have a good 10 min nosey at it befor the ranger ,, called mike came to save it,, he also was very taken by this shy wee creature anyhow it made my day

Narrow-breasted snake-necked turtle
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Species:C. M. colliei
Binomial name
Chelodina Macrodiremys colliei
Gray, 1841

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

poison chalice... throb throb throb

well poison finger.. and an hour and a half later im home antibionics in my handbag and a confirmed case of ingrown toenail,, except the finger variety,, what's the chances of that,, very bizarre,, i have a tom and jerry style throbbing finger,, like the one tom has after having an anvil dropped on it,, aaargh,, anyhow im fairly sure some trashy tv a glass of fizzy rose and a cuddle from hubby and pray the antibionics kicks in its been medical investigation month for me i feel so prodded and poked and robbed of SO much blood ,, anyhow im sure ill be fine when they eventually tell me the results of all my tests confirm what ive always known,, im a princess born of royal blood cruelly stolen at birth and raised by my poor peasant parents,,,
and now for some excitement im about to cough up the whopping huge fee to have my own website to sell my paintings and jewellery so get saving i will have little morsels for you to buy,, well i live in hope but ill keeep you posted..
sewing lots just now and have made lots of wee outfits for me and lul ,, i have recently just licked the front fly so heres looking forward to a plethora of pants,, ah im calling them pant trousers trousers trousers

Thursday, April 28, 2011

birthday cake

hamishs 4th birthday cake

neglect,,,,,,,,, the harsh facts

sorry blogworld,, well i imagine in my blog world thats not a whole lot of people,, still, i think im entirely to blame as ive been blog-allergic last few months,, so here we are on the eve of the royal wedding,, now that leaves us all in a sor t of quandary.. what do we think of it all,  well asa ex pat.. im a bit like quentin crisp ann Englishman in new York,, i feel super British,, 1st Scottish then British,, but by not living in the uk i feel a weird sor t of patriotism about the whole she bang,, and ive never been a royalist,, but something about being dispossessed that makes you hanker for all things British,, tescos fish and chips, rain,, god all of it im so besotted with all things non Australia,, so will and kate ive missed all the hype all the goss,, i dont read newspapers or magazines, iui choose ind=stead to live in a bubble of self enforced exile, me and the kids and darran,, but times like these make you realise how far far away you are,, and the cheek of Australian tv,, which is crap second to Spain which is even more crap, the tv that is,,, they are changing channels mid wedding for,,, Australian rules bloody football,, sums it all up,, so keep us posted ill blog more i promise

but the point of this, is,, doesn't it seem a heart beat ago that Diana and luggs were getting married she had blue eye-liner on and the crushy silk Emmanuel dress on,, i loved all that the worlds was a different place then,, my oh my  how we've all changed,,so enjoy the whole bollocks of it all ,, hope the frock is bonny !

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chernobyl parallel for Japan great article

i ffound this article in the new york times about chernobyl today , really interesting,, also sad 

CHERNOBYL, Ukraine — Twelve times a month — the maximum number of shifts the doctors will allow — Sergei A. Krasikov takes a train across the no man’s land and reports for work at a structure enclosing Reactor No. 4 known as “the sarcophagus.”
Joseph Sywenkyj for The New York Times
Ghost Town Pripyat once had a population of about 50,000 people. They were given a few hours to evacuate in April 1986.
Among his tasks is to pump out radioactive liquid that has collected inside the burned-out reactor. This happens whenever it rains. The sarcophagus was built 25 years ago in a panic, as radiation streamed into populated areas after an explosion at the reactor, and now it is riddled with cracks.
Water cannot be allowed to touch the thing that is deep inside the reactor: about 200 tons of melted nuclear fuel and debris, which burned through the floor and hardened, in one spot, into the shape of an elephant’s foot. This mass remains so highly radioactive that scientists cannot approach it. But years ago, when they managed to place measurement instruments nearby, they got readings of 10,000 rem per hour, which is 2,000 times the yearly limit recommended for workers in the nuclear industry.
Mr. Krasikov, who has broad shoulders and a clear, blue-eyed gaze, has been baby-sitting this monster for eight years. He’ll stay until he is pensioned off and then leave his job to another man, who will stay until he is pensioned off. Asked how long this will continue, Mr. Krasikov shrugged.
“A hundred years?” he ventured. “Maybe in that time they will invent something.”
The death of a nuclear reactor has a beginning; the world is watching this unfold now on the coast of Japan. But it doesn’t have an end.
While some radioactive elements in nuclear fuel decay quickly, cesium’s half-life is 30 years and strontium’s is 29 years. Scientists estimate that it takes 10 to 13 half-lives before life and economic activity can return to an area. That means that the contaminated area — designated by Ukraine’s Parliament as 15,000 square miles, around the size of Switzerland — will be affected for more than 300 years. All last week, workers frantically tried to cool the six reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant 140 miles north of Tokyo. But one had to look at Ukraine to understand the sheer tedium and exhaustion of dealing with the aftermath of a meltdown. It is a problem that does not exist on a human time frame.
Volodymyr P. Udovychenko drove to Ukraine’s Parliament building on Tuesday, dressed in a shiny purple shirt and tie. He is the mayor of Slavutych, which is home to most of the 3,400 workers who are still employed at the Chernobyl Atomic Energy Station. Most of them have not received their full salaries since January, and the mayor was requesting $3.6 million to pay them. “The leadership turns away from this, they think that Chernobyl doesn’t exist,” he said. “Chernobyl does exist. And those 200 tons — they also exist.”
To visit Chernobyl today is to feel time passing.
In Pripyat, the plant workers’ former bedroom community, a little over a mile from the plant, where 50,000 people were given a few hours to evacuate, wallpaper has slipped down under its own weight and paint has peeled away from apartment walls in fat curls. Ice glazes the interiors. On a residential street, where Soviet housing blocks tower in every direction, it is quiet enough to hear the sound of individual leaves brushing against branches.
The wild world is gradually pressing its way in. Anton Yukhimenko, who leads tours of the dead zone, said that wild boars and foxes had begun to take shelter in the abandoned city, and that once, skirting a forest, he noticed a wolf soundlessly loping along beside him. Not long ago, one of the city’s major buildings, School No. 1, came crashing down, its supporting structures finally rotted out by 25 winters and summers.
“This is a city that has been captured by wilderness,” he said. “I think in 20 years it will be one big forest.”
The public is not allowed within 18 miles of Reactor No. 4, but a photographer and I made the journey last week with Chernobylinterinform, a division of Ukraine’s Emergency Ministry. At the checkpoint leading to the exclusion zone, there is a small statue of the Virgin Mary and a placard listing the amounts of cesium and strontium found in mushrooms, fish and wild game.
At the six-mile radius begins the zone of mandatory resettlement. A stand of scorched-looking trees marks the so-called Red Forest, after the color of dead pines that were bulldozed en masse and buried in trenches. As we approached the plant, the guides’ radiation detector suddenly registered 1,500 microrem — 50 times normal, they said, perhaps because we had been caught by a gust of wind.
At the center of it all is the sarcophagus, its sides uneven and streaked with rust.
Since the early 1990s, Ukrainian officials have been working on a plan to replace it, finally launching a project called the New Safe Confinement, a 300-foot steel arch that will enclose and seal off the reactor for the next 100 years. Its cost is estimated at $1.4 billion, to be paid largely by donor nations. The project, originally scheduled to be finished in 2005, has been beset by delays and financing shortfalls.
In the meantime, the winter’s snows are turning to rain, and rainwater leaking into the reactor could have unpredictable results, said Stephan G. Robinson, a nuclear physicist who works for Green Cross Switzerland, an environmental organization.
“In winter, it will freeze,” said Dr. Robinson, who was touring the site last week. “Water expands, and it breaks. Then maybe some of the inside collapses. A little cloud disappears through a crack. If there’s rain, it means there is a way in. And if there is a way in, there is also a way out.”
But even after the new arch is built, Mr. Krasikov doubts that it will be possible to end the long vigil over Reactor No. 4.
“Nobody knows what to do with what is inside,” he said. “There will be enough work for my children and my grandchildren.”
By evening, on our way out of the site, light is tilting through the pine forests, a peaceful enough scene except for the vivid yellow-and-orange triangles planted in the forest floor, warning of radiation. Workers stream out through a wall of man-sized Geiger counters, each one waiting for the machine to thunk and flash green before making his or her way out of the exclusion zone and down the battered highway.
Tomorrow, they will come back to Chernobyl Atomic Energy Station for another day of work.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

middle aged spread,, see the full horror photos

middle aged spread 
 now   whats that all about,,and while were on the matter strange how women have imposed lots different terminology to deride their attributes an appearance, for example mutton dressed as lamb ,, is that not the most cutting comment ever,, over the hill,, cougar, i have had this one levelled at me as my husband is 10 years younger which apparently makes you fair game for those comments,, that comment suggests your out cruising hunting down young men to sin your teeth into and devour, and i would not deny i have devoured a young man or two in my time, I however DID NOT  hunt them down,,, quite the opposite , but thats another blog,,,

yes i found myself describing a woman as a desperate on the pull 40 something divorcee,, gasp how awefull   we bag eachother like there is no tomorrow,, so why dont men use such colourful descriptive put downs,, the only thing i could come up with was they dont give a shit how they look, but i imagine there is some kudos in what their woman looks like,,i dunno do men talk about that or is it a big poo poo to mention another mans wife,, the mysteries of the universe unravel before us,, or dont as the case may be

so back to cutting comments ok which is worse,,,, oh whens the baby due,, answer it isnt im a fat bastard.. or are these your grandchildren,, answer no my children,, not sure whats a bigger insult fat or old,, or is there a comment thats worse and covers both !!!!

so moving on im 45 this year half way in life,, gasp hope the next 45 are bit easier and i can find inner peace,, i think i do spend an inordinate time analysing the hell out of everything,, i want to be forgiving accepting and non critical,, oh and less weird,, i think im getting weirder with age and more and more like an awkward teenager as days go by,, i was cycling to my tennis lesson listening to metalica on my i pod sing ing out loud, ran over a bottle it popped of to the side and hit a car,, ahha i said out loud what a rebel,, unfortunately rebel without a clue,, ho humm off to -the supermarket with the kids,,, rock and roll ~~~~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

sorry poor neglected blog !!!

oh jeez i forgot about my blog, when i went to visit it it was all shrivled up and not looking crash hot,, so i will remedy it with a delux edition so watch this space ,,,sorry

Sunday, February 6, 2011

dead chicken = no eggs = dig a big hole

well the second of our 3 chickens has died of old age following her sister earlier in the year, leaving us with 1 chicken pecking around on its own,,
 what a shame i thought
 so what tempted me to write was my deep hollow feeling of mortality as reflected by the bloody chickens death, over last few month we have watched as she became less mobile, the colour seemed to drain from her and even her clucking took on a geriatric tinge to it, really so like an old person fading away losing everything in spoonfuls, sad as she was we were like the children of elderly parent in nursing home buying expensive food to feed her despite the fact she was inching slowly uselessly towards death.
perhaps we felt so grateful of the happy rosy years of jolly brown eggs collecting them with the kids, making lulu scrambled eggs when she was tiny.. jolly happy pecky chickens now there is 1

so dilemma,, we need a couple of mates for solo mio white chicken but know for sure any young chickens will be pecked and harassed for the initial time, but the sadness of the lone chicken is as sad as the faded sand coloured carcass of the last isa brown
i think its a strange metaphor to our life full of change and upheaval, im sad at the thought of change and time marching on id like to keep it just the way it is, right now kids adorable loving husband aspirations and hope , i fear change i do not embrace it,, so to you all who think a dead chicken who should have been humanly dispatched months ago is no real tragedy,, im not sentimental about animals im really not but a chicken is really useful and they are nice little beasts
we mourn her with genuine sadness, sorry we ere not brave enough to wring her neck but glad she was our chicken rip little brown lady you will be missed

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

burns night

scots wahay.. tonight to my shame and horror is burns night and i am a very very very long way from home,
 6 years ive been in Australia and although it comfy and familiar my heart strings are easily tugged for the bonny bonny banks etc etc,,
 now if your not Scottish you have no comprehension of why the identity and culture of the Scots it so deeply entrenched, but trust me it is,,

its a strange thing to be displaced from your home, i often think akin to the convicts and settlers who colonised Australia, and when im driving i often see very Scottish street names, like Glenelg terr, or dalkeith, or corrie linn st in perth, thats the name of the falls of Clyde in new lanark, and there is a tiny wee village inland called stonehaven,, these names made gby sad weary for home expats a long time ago, they of course had little chance of returning so must have felt worse than me,,
ands its something i never thought id feel, i always imagined id just transplant into Australia with no problems, but i think im too hostile to it all as its so different to Scotland. too different to Europe so very very foreign to me.
i recently downloaded a programme about brits relocating to Australia and was quite appalled at the overly optimistic rosy glow they put on it, not that moving to another country is always a bad thing, and i am certain Australia would be a good move for some,, but the downsides are hard to miss,, no nhs here god help you if you get disabled or chronicly ill, life is not too pc over here.. getting about in a wheelchair nigh on impossible, disabilities are not incorporated into mainstream education or employment to the same degree as Europe, and indigenous people are marginalised beyond belief,
these are a few of the  elements that i struggle with,, but along with the high brow reasons there are super duper simple ones like shops and crap overpriced supermarkets with terrible food selection,, an example of very below par facilities are.... stuff like in the supermarket half way round lulu decided she needed a pee, i asked if there was a toilet i could use, no was the answer, i had to leave my trolley with my shopping in it remove two small children one in desperate state of pee, and leg it down to public toilets,,small examples of everyday niggles,,and there are many more where that comes from, but my husband is Australian and my children are too, but i cannot think of them as anything but Scottish, a small insignificant country but it means the world to me ,,
so to sum up my ranting and raving this evening /// above and beyond it all my main issue with Australia is,,, its not Scotland,, happy burns night

Friday, January 21, 2011

1940s inspired day out

well its been a while,, nearly 4 years since me and darran have had a day out alone,so now that tb has started one day at nursery we thought we would seize the day and a grand day oot we lunch in Fremantle was what we picked and the fab 1940 restaurant called capri , still with the original decor, food is so brilliantly authentic, if it wasn't for the tragically badly dressed Fremantle teens you might think you were in capri,, so to mark the grand day out i decided to make a 1940s dress to match lunch, so sewing like a mad woman i was the night before, was cutting threads on it this morning, the patterns from sense and sensibility whose patterns seem good lots different vintage items ther.
i had to wear sensible shoes as we were walking a fair bit so excuse my nod to retro,, so what did we do on our grand day out, apart from posing for fotos,, we went to the nicest bookshop ive ever been in, called new edition, just the nicest bookshop full of fab large gorgeous books
 i bought

what a lovely book full of cool things to make,, anyhow i digress
i did go to some op shops no fabric, but a set of heated rollers, so i can practice my retro hairdos,,,

 nice shot apart from the ute in the reflection !!!

so anyhow dress finished on tome, to get into it you have to think like a snake, as i put very short zip in, fits great and very cool, felt quite over dressed as most people in fro were in a semi state of nakedness, as per usual for Australia,, we stopped at this car as it was the closest to vintage i could find,, well not 100 percent but nice anyhow,, so off now to makes the kids tea, have great day out hope you like the blog xx